Time Sensitivity Estimator

This tool helps you easily assess how time sensitive your business is.

Consider 10 demand periods, and imagine the largest demand that occurs over these periods. Compare this peak demand to the median value (demand is higher than the median half the time, and lower half the time). How big is the peak compared to the median?
Less than double.
Between double and triple.
More than triple.

At the end of a typical demand period, how much inventory typically remains?
Many units remain.
Some units remain.
Relatively few (or no) units remain.

When there are leftover units after a selling period, and you want to sell them at a discount price or on the next selling period, how much of their value do they retain?
Most of their initial value.
About half of their initial value.
Almost none of their initial value, or you even have to pay to get rid of them.

What is the profitability of your product?
High profit margin.
Medium profit margin.
Low profit margin.